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Thieves In The Temple

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Thieves In The Temple
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Run Time: 116 minutes
Size: 2.7 GB
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How has the devil been able to infiltrate Christ’s church with his Hindu Kundalini revival through his false prophets to counter the authentic spiritual awakening so many believers have been praying for? It’s has been said, “When you are right, you know it, and when you are wrong, you know it. However, when you are deceived, you don’t have a clue!” In an effort to test everything and hold fast to that which is good, in “Thieves in The Temple,” G. Craige Lewis uses the Bible as a plumb line to both align and discern fleshly, demonic, and authentic Holy Spirit manifestations in the church. Though the Bible tells us not to quench the spirit, it also clearly expects us not to quench discernment and to have a mature, balanced, biblical approach to spiritual encounters in your Christian experience so that you can distinguish the holy from the profane
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