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The Mommy Manual

Our society has changed the landscape of motherhood. Even though they give us a day to honor mothers, they have also given the worst examples and advice of modern motherhood. The goal of the New Age movement is to empower the woman. The New Age empowerment of women is superficial and dishonorable to God.  The New World Order defies God’s creation role for women. As time progresses, women have increasingly shunned God’s Word.  The New Age emasculation and destruction of men circumvents the biblical structure of the home and causes our children to grow up confused and without true identity.  In this compelling message, G. Craige Lewis provides sound instruction on how mothers should accept God’s biblical doctrine and allow it to govern their behavior so that God’s plan for their lives can be accomplished.

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The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12 - Outer Darkness

Hell is real and folks are going! The Truth Behind Hip Hop 12: Outer Darkness, is a message of eternal relevance, that will open the eyes of those that claim their allegiance to Christ while testing the faith of those within the Kingdom of God. Over the centuries, there has been confusion surrounding the existence of a literal and eternal hell. This viewpoint has affected our perspective of life’s consequences within the body of Christ, and even caused some to believe that, although being fully aware of its presence, a believer would never be at risk of ending up there. This presentation boldly confronts the age-old controversy with astounding biblical evidence that extinguishes any doubts of the existence of hell. Society is engrossed with issues that have been pushed under the proverbial rug of life for countless generations. The consequences of either rebellion against or living in God’s order will ultimately be reaped by every human being. Contrary to popular opinion, hell isn’t just struggles in the physical realm or exclusive to a metaphysically, spiritual place. It is a real, physical and spiritual location. Droves of people are putting themselves in a position to be sent there forever, by the Almighty, loving God. In this video, G. Craige Lewis teaches what the Bible says about hell and how to avoid this eternally, damning path.
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Jezebels Finest Hour

Is the spirit of Jezebel operating through you? Are you being controlled by this spirit or controlling others with it? This entity has taken many names and forms throughout the ages. Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Lilith, Minerva, Hera, Athena, and many other goddesses all represent this powerful feminist spirit of the wicked queen, Jezebel. The Bible says that she stirred up her husband, controlled his kingdom, and destroyed God’s prophets! Today, this spirit is doing the same thing. Controlling men, seducing men, causing men to fall, and even manipulating God’s pastors to dominate their ministries. Jezebel has taken centerstage in many modern day churches in the form of pastors, co-pastors, bishops, apostles and prophetesses. Just like in the city of Thyatira, this spirit is uncontested in many churches because the leaders and pastors are bound by sexual sin or perversion, which gives this spirit a rite of passage. This presentation is a must watch for every believer. In this powerful message, G. Craige Lewis challenges all believers to recognize and confront this spirit before it destroys the order of your home, the lives of your children and the church of God. The solutions to defeating Jezebel are readily available, if you take heed and apply the teachings given in this message. Get informed through this pivotal sermon so that Jezebel’s will not have her finest hour through you!

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Free Indeed

One of the greatest problems in our churches today is sexual immorality. Sexual sin is responsible for most of the issues permeating our churches today. Divorce, unwed mothers, aging bachelors, homosexuality, and adultery are plaguing the church, which makes its witness ineffective to the world. How can the church preach and teach against sexual sin, if the church itself is oppressed by it?

Because of the secret nature of these issues, they usually go unresolved. Because many in church leadership struggle in this area, the parishioners are made to feel that there is no hope. This message addresses the cause and effect of secret sins and how to get free from them. Unearthing the root causes of these sins is vital to obtaining deliverance from them. This video is of paramount importance to learn how to get victory over these issues and truly walk in freedom from sin! 

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Single Saved Content - The Power of One Pt. 2

Being a single Christian is hard in our society. There are so many temptations that come to oppose God's plan for your life. One bad choice can trigger a snowball effect that can knock you off course and will require much patience and perservence to get back on the right path. There are so many voices, ideals, and concepts that it can be difficult to discern what is the “right path” for a single believer. We are grateful that God left us an instruction manual to navigate through these troubling times. The Bible speaks clearly about God's plan for single believers. In this powerful video, G. Craige Lewis uses the Word to help guide single believers into the purpose that God has for them. This video will not only give you sound biblical information, but it will also provide you ways to work through mistakes and errors that you are struggling with. This 2 hour presentation contains applicable content for any Christian, however it is tailor made for the specific challenges of present day single believers.
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The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 11 - Color of Blood

Our society is plagued with issues that have been neglected and left unaddressed for far too long. Many people desire answers but they deny the very truth that would eliminate the need for answers. Sin is the issue, but mankind ignores sin because of his desire for pleasure and self-gratification. Until sin is addressed, we will continue to be burdened with fatherlessness, which leads to the degradation and demise of any society. 

In this installment of The Truth Behind Hip Hop series, G. Craige Lewis goes in-depth about the relationship between sin and the blood curse from Adam and how it affects present day humanity. 'Brother killing brother' and 'nation rising against nation' as described in Jesus' Mount Olivet discourse, is a result of what happened in the garden and how Adam's sin affects us all. G. Craige Lewis expounds on what Jesus' blood really does for us and how our blood can be regenerated through salvation. This video will prove to be an invaluable resource for believers as we navigate through the end times. 

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The Good Father

In a society that is rampant with the degradation of men and elevation of women on a global scale, who can find a good example of a husband and a father?  Today’s generation is in desperate need of a message that will bring healing and deliverance to those that are without strong men in the homes.  Why is this epidemic of fatherlessness not being proclaimed and exposed from every pulpit?  Who will be bold enough to deal with the elephant in the room?  Men, women and especially our  youth are being led astray because the fathers have left their God-given posts.  Two-parent homes are on the brink of extinction as the New World Order agenda steadily progresses forward with little resistance.

G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries brings a rare and timely message of the importance of a father’s role in the home.  If the father is absent, the enemy will have free reign to take women and children captive, which is the present state of our culture.  G. Craige Lewis calls every man, young and old, to take their rightful place as provider, protector and priest of their homes.  This video is not just for men, but with proper application, it will be a blessing to your household for many generations to come.  Are you ready to stand up and fight for your homes, God’s way?

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Grace in the Work Place

Grace in the workplace is a DVD that is without comparison. This dynamic 5-part series deals with Christian conduct and not in the way that you are accustomed to hearing! In order to be a light in the world, you must first, be a good earthly citizen. Many times, we are bombarded with messages that we should be laying hands on the sick and raising the dead on our jobs, but this is not appropriate or warranted in every situation. We hear analogies of how we should be like Jesus in our workplace by evangelizing all of our co-workers and speaking out as against certain agendas that are supported by our employing companies. However, we ignore the very simplistic nature of Christ such as humility, timeliness, patience and self-control that are vital to becoming model citizens.

G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries makes the compelling case of God's plan for us by fulfilling our creation roles that is heavily supported by sound Biblical doctrine. With proper application of the scriptural principles and precepts contained in this installment, you and your family will be blessed for generations to come. It is time that we model a godly example for our children to follow. Being a light for Jesus in this dark world demands that we first prove ourselves as good, responsible and well-balanced citizens.
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Strengthening The Bond

Strengthening the Bond is a must for all parents, teens, and leaders! With the rise in broken marriages, homes, and families, we need a reality check. Where is this going? What happens when marriage is no longer a sacred institution and the norm is for children to be born to single or same sex parents? What will happen to our education system when 90% of our youth are sexually active? What will happen to our youth if they continue to eat unhealthy foods, watch unhealthy television programming, and continue to contract STD’s at a 1 to 4 ratio? If we as a people don’t stand up now we won’t have any say in these matters later on. We must stand up NOW! G. Craige Lewis delivers a powerful message to all families and breaks down the proper structure of the home and God’s original formula for success in the home. There is no hope for our future unless we first “Strengthen the Bond” of our familes. ---Make A Donation
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The Truth Behind Hip Hop Part X - Pop Life

Pop life is a message unlike any other! Fatherlessness is a term that is unfamiliar to most, however it permeates every problem that plagues humanity today. Many preachers have avoided this seemingly taboo topic because of its prevalence among modern-day believers. Fatherlessness has invaded the church and until now it has been a silent yet perilous matter that has adversely shaped our lives. In this presentation, G. Craige Lewis delivers a revelatory message when the Church is in most desperate need of a timely Word from the Lord. Satan continues to wage war on the Church and this time he is taking the man out of his God-given creation role to do so. Deleting the father figure and male authority from the home has lifelong consequences, from false god worship to homosexual practices as well as the generational cycle of fatherlessness itself. The information in this DVD is a culmination of the message of EX ministries orchestrated by the Holy Spirit Himself. Because of the fact that all have been affected by Fatherlessness in some way, this is a must have DVD for every believer.
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The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 - Tactical Reprieve

Encounter a riveting, state-of- the-art presentation from G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries, wherein he reveals an updated report on the global terror that has assaulted the church. Our journey predates time but successively chronicles Satan's ongoing terrorist schemes and weapons of warfare. Discover in greater depth and clarity the real nature of our arch-enemy, Satan. Dismantle his ancient plots as Commander in Chief of fallen angels. Satan has commissioned his demons to utilize any, available earthen vessel to further his agenda, heighten his reign and expand his empire. But the Body of Christ is his prime target. Satan's efforts must be contained and stopped. In this presentation, G. Craige Lewis deconstructs the lies of the enemy and charters an unprecedented course for the soldiers of Christ. This battle cry should agitate Christians to resist, advance and attack the enemy, while delaying the judgement of the true and living God. SOLDIERS!!! REPORT FOR DUTY!!! ENGAGE FOR BATTLE!!!! Do not miss this ninth installment of The Truth Behind Hip Hop series!!
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