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The Mommy Manual

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The Mommy Manual
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Run Time: 79 minutes
Size: 1.2 GB
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Our society has changed the landscape of motherhood. Even though they give us a day to honor mothers, they have also given the worst examples and advice of modern motherhood. The goal of the New Age movement is to empower the woman. The New Age empowerment of women is superficial and dishonorable to God.  The New World Order defies God’s creation role for women. As time progresses, women have increasingly shunned God’s Word.  The New Age emasculation and destruction of men circumvents the biblical structure of the home and causes our children to grow up confused and without true identity.  In this compelling message, G. Craige Lewis provides sound instruction on how mothers should accept God’s biblical doctrine and allow it to govern their behavior so that God’s plan for their lives can be accomplished.

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