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Single Saved Content - The Power of One Pt. 2

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Single Saved Content - The Power of One Pt. 2
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Run Time: 105 minutes
Size: 823.2 MB
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Being a single Christian is hard in our society. There are so many temptations that come to oppose God's plan for your life. One bad choice can trigger a snowball effect that can knock you off course and will require much patience and perservence to get back on the right path. There are so many voices, ideals, and concepts that it can be difficult to discern what is the “right path” for a single believer. We are grateful that God left us an instruction manual to navigate through these troubling times. The Bible speaks clearly about God's plan for single believers. In this powerful video, G. Craige Lewis uses the Word to help guide single believers into the purpose that God has for them. This video will not only give you sound biblical information, but it will also provide you ways to work through mistakes and errors that you are struggling with. This 2 hour presentation contains applicable content for any Christian, however it is tailor made for the specific challenges of present day single believers.

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