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Free Indeed

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Free Indeed
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Run Time: 144 minutes
Size: 1.1 GB
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One of the greatest problems in our churches today is sexual immorality. Sexual sin is responsible for most of the issues permeating our churches today. Divorce, unwed mothers, aging bachelors, homosexuality, and adultery are plaguing the church, which makes its witness ineffective to the world. How can the church preach and teach against sexual sin, if the church itself is oppressed by it?

Because of the secret nature of these issues, they usually go unresolved. Because many in church leadership struggle in this area, the parishioners are made to feel that there is no hope. This message addresses the cause and effect of secret sins and how to get free from them. Unearthing the root causes of these sins is vital to obtaining deliverance from them. This video is of paramount importance to learn how to get victory over these issues and truly walk in freedom from sin! 

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